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>FFXI Hack: script to skill up BRD
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#1 OFFLINE   zeaka


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Posted 06 October 2007 - 12:26 PM

Here a easy/simple script for skilling up your music skills.
All you do is download this and save it to your "Scripts" folder.

It's optimised for my BRD which is 20 atm and its skilling away while I type this but to change it for 75 or whatever just go into it and change the wait amount to whatever works best for you, once you find best settings, just save it again, and copy and paste the whole thing over and over again depending on how long you want it to run, but be careful because the only way I know to stop it is to log out lol. Also be sure to only execute it once, otherwise it will be running multiple times in background and you will get loads of error messages saying you can't cast spell at this time etc.

Also you can use this for any type of magic by just changing the text inside the speech marks to magic name.

The directions:

1 save to "Scripts" in windower folder.
2 try out with just 4 commands and see how it works
3 if everything is fine, select all, then copy, and paste as many times as you want depending on how long you want it to last (when using notepad, when you come to the end of a line, you must take a new line when the next command will not fully fit in)
4 to stop script, either let it finish or relog

There's also a full length one I'm using for those of you who really haven't a clue of how these things work

Attached File  BRDskill.zip   847bytes   92 downloads

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